Pilsen Engagement Session


I can’t get over these two. They’re so fun and just plain adorable. They met originally 5 years ago, when both were applying for the same job. He got the job, but she’ll tell you that she got so much more, and the rest is history! One fun detail about their story is that they both have a lot of mutual friends and share a lot of circles, so could have potentially met years before they actually met. It turns out, that after they’d officially gotten together, when she was going through some old photos from before they’d gotten together, she noticed that he was in the background of several of the photos! I really enjoyed hearing about their story and taking photos of them; they know how to have fun and (as you’ll see from some of the pictures) don’t take themselves too seriously. We began at their cozy home in Pilsen, Chicago, with the other member of their family, their cat! From there we explored the neighborhood and went to Harrison Park, a local panaderia (bakery) called Panaderia Nuevo Leon off of 18th street, the murals all up and down 16th street, Hector Duarte’s home (he is one of the mural work big names and painted his house, titling the mural Gulliver en el pais de las Maravillas” / “Gulliver in Wonderland”), an abandoned church front, and ended at “Angel’s Grocery/Tire Shop” (anyone who lives in Pilsen knows this is one of the most eclectic places in town. Just wait til you get to the end of this blog… you’ll see). We stopped at nearly every mural along the way, but as Pilsen has a rich history of Mexican muralism, this was easy to do. I. Loved. It.

“It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in life that matters.”

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