Chicago Family Home Session | First Year

“The more I learn about you, the more I learn about love.”



I adore this family. They are just absolutely precious. I’ve known mama — Maloos — since before their little man was born and have always appreciated her. It’s not often you meet just genuinely sincere and kind people. Maloos is one of those people. Her and I have also gotten to photograph together and I’ve seen her incredible eye and skill. She is amazingly talented (her drawings are absolutely astonishing, also — we took a few photos in front of them, so you’ll see them below!). Of course, when she asked me to take photos of her and her family, I was flattered. I journeyed to their home in North Chicago and we had a wonderful time. Home sessions are some of my favorites anyways — you get a peek into those real moments that happen at home. We started off the session with a handprint maker and watched hilariously as it became more of a “moment” than a “perfect” imprint.

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